Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism refers to the travel of an individual to a foreign country to get medical treatment purposely. It is estimated that nearly millions of US residents travel to India for proper care and treatment as it is affordable and cheaper when compared to the price of other countries. Besides this, a majority of medical tourist is immigrants to India to cure the ailment and the most common medical treatments they go through are the infertility, dentistry, heart surgery, cancer therapy and cosmetic surgery. The tourists choose a certain location to travel and treat the disease or problem which troubles the normal life and makes the living tough and uncomfortable.

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Today, India is developing in observance and conformity with the international standards and even presents reduced cost and the advanced medical technologies. In case of a language barrier, there is no problem and there is a definite restriction to the Middle East patients to visit and cure the disease.

What you can do if you are planning to visit India for treatment?

In case, if you are planning to travel to India for medical care, then consult a medical practitioner for 2-3 weeks and discuss the general information regarding your health and specific risks which can be cured with a certain procedure available in India.

Go through the qualifications of our health care practitioners who are going to perform the procedure during your consultation and treatment time as per the standards.

Confirm that you get into agreement with the specialist at the health care center for arranging your trip, explaining the treatments and the requirement for it and cost of care and trip to make it easy.

Collect the copies of your previous medical record which includes the details of test and lab assessment about the condition in generic names and prescription details.

Get professional help in your country before planning all the activities and taking an appointment for Medical tourism.

Top Things to Do in Aurangabad

Aurangabad is a memorable city in Maharashtra is a State of India. The city is a traveller center point, encompassed with numerous verifiable landmarks, including the Ajanta Caves and Ellora Caves, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and additionally Bibi Ka Maqbara and Panchakki. Aurangabad is said to be a City of Gates and the solid vicinity of these can be felt as one drives through the city. As of late Aurangabad has been pronounced as Tourism Capital of Maharashtra. The city is likewise one of the quickest developing urban areas on the planet.




BIBI KA MAQBARA-aurangabad






Devotional Ellora & Ajanta Caves




Panchakki-Dr Santpure