Smith and Nephew Total Knee Replacement Surgery

Smith and nephew are well known for the machineries intended in correcting the knee. They have a great amount of experience in this field and have come with the innovative machineries that make the knee replacement surgery effective and efficient. Magnificent improvement has been seen in the patients after the surgery.
Knee replacements are done when all other non surgical method fails in correcting the problem in the knee. The surgeon will refer you with a knees surgery to revive the active pain free life of yours. During the prosthesis, the damaged bone is removed and instead an implant is placed that will mimic the function of the bone.

Materials & Methods

The method uses two replacement components. The components are:

  1. The Tibial component
  2. The Femoral component

The Tibial Component

Tibial component consists of 2 elements that replace top of shinbone or the tibia. The material used is a one metal tray linked directly to bone and one plastic spacer, which provides bearing surface.

The Femoral Component

Femoral component replaces bottom of thighbone or femur. It also replaces groove on which the patella or the kneecap resides. Patella component then replaces surface of kneecap that rubs thighbone. Kneecap protects joint, and patellar button that is resurfaced slides softly on front of knee joint.

Advanced material used for the knee implants

Technology has advanced significantly and now there exists one new material used for the construction of the devices in knee implants. It is the OXINIUM Oxidized Zirconium and is proven as one superior metal that can be used in the knee replacements. It has the special qualities like smoothness, hardness and the resistance to scratch. OXINIUM materials last more long and also exhibit the characteristics of superior performance over the option of the alternative material, cobalt chrome.
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