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Uncemented Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip pain is something that is so painful and deteriorates the quality of your life. This pain cannot be controlled by the usage of only pain killers. Hip replacement might be necessary in this case as the pain will be extreme and because of it you reach a condition where you can do nothing. Dr. Santpures Joint Replacement & Advance orthopedic Surgery provides you with the best uncemented hip replacement surgery you can get.

Disadvantage of Traditional Hip Replacement

Many patients do the cemented hip replacement but this is not advisable for young people. Young people being really active cannot afford a cemented hip replacement as they need many kinds of movement at the portion of hip. A traditional replacement of hip will result in fail or wear of the same within a very short amount of time. The traditional replacement cannot stand stress that has high activity impact.

Advantages of Uncemented Hip Replacement Over Traditional Hip Replacement

For patients like them the uncemented hip replacement will be suggested. This is because the uncemented hip replacement helps to maintain the anatomy of the hip in the same way. The activities that are possible after having the uncemented hip replacement are higher and here are less possibility of wear doing the same.

Recovery from Uncemented Hip Replacement Surgery

The patient will be starting to take few steps the day after operation on the new hip. Our physiotherapist are friendly and wont hesitate in giving detailed advice as when this should be done and the exercises that should be performed while you are in our hospital and once you go back home. Initially pain may come while doing these exercises but the exercise is an important part of the post recovery program. If you hesitate in listening to our experts advise, the recovery from the surgery will be too difficult and take much time. We ensure you the best results.