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Anterior Cruciate Repair

The anterior cruciate repair is involved to treat the ligament of knee which belongs in knee joint. This ligament plays crucial role to provide strength on knee. This ligament can be affected due to sudden accident or from sports. Basically the non-contact rational injury is happened during sports and players become bound to quit the game.

Procedure of Anterior Cruciate Repair:

The repairmen or reconstruction needs surgical tissue grafting to restore the own functionality of knee. A graft is inserted after removing the torn ligament. This operation must be done arthroscopically. In this surgery two kinds of grafts are used for ACL reconstruction. These are

  • Autograft
  • Allograft


Autograft is such a procedure where a part of patella tendon needs. This hamstring accessory acts like donor tissue in Autograft. Sometimes patients carry harvested patella tendon. Then this tissue cant be grafted. Quadriceps tendon is used in this case.


In Allograft various tendons from patella and anterior tibia can be used. These tendons are collected from cadaver. Cadaver is the medical term of dead body. As tibialis tendon is large in size it must be trimmed for fitting within the intersection of cavity.
But procedure also includes Arthroscopic surgery instead of grafting. It is performed by general or spinal anesthesia. From two to three small incisions are highly required for pumping sterile saline solution into the affected knee. Through this way, the injured area will be washed and the area will be expanded accordingly. The surgeon can observe the injury thoroughly by expanding the knee.
An Arthroscope is inserted through another incision to take photo of this particular place and it is shown on TV monitor. The third incised hole is used for inserting drilling machine to drill the knee joint. This hole facilitates to anchor the graft. Sometimes one more incision is needed to remove the torn ligament.