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Bankart Repair

For the dislocation of anterior shoulder if labrum of the shoulder joint is injured, then bankart repair is necessitated. In this type of shoulder injury the shoulder joint is torn and dislocation takes place that may lead to vulnerability of the shoulder. To save from its bad effects the operation for habitual anterior shoulder dislocation takes place called bankart repair which was in the name of the eminent British surgeon Arthur Sydney Blundell Bankart.


  • Dislocation takes place frequently
  • Feeling of intense aching in the shoulder
  • Feeling of further dislocation in the shoulder
  • A sensation for unstable joint
  • Some frightening painful feelings in the shoulder

What is it?

Bankart lesion is very common injury results in dislocation of shoulder. In case the shoulder undergoes out of the joint it makes the labrum torn. As a result a part of the labrum i.e. the inferior glenohumeral ligament is torn and causes bankart lesion.

Repair through Medications:

A torn labrum cannot be recovered through mere medications. To make the unpredictable shoulders (made so accidentally) more comfortable some light pain-relieving medications are applied. Sometimes some exercises are able to restore the joint stability.

Benefits from Surgical Repair:

The success of operation depends on numerous factors like health, mental preparation of the patient, condition of the affected area and the proficiency of the surgeon. Generally the benefits obtained are as follows

  • An expert surgeon is able enough to restore the lost comfort and function of that part.
  • In case of any traumatic instability the surgeon, repairing the injury can restore the normal activities of the injured.

Requirement of Operation:

In case of atraumatic instability if the exercises fail to revive the joint stability then surgical operation is advised. For repairing a detached labrum arthroscopic operational procedure is obtained. In this procedure the surgeon rejoins the thick band of cartilage i.e. labrum to the glenoid bone. It maintains the shoulder socket and ball of humerus in right place.