Repair Your Damaged Knee with “Johnson and Johnson / DePuy” For A Comfortable Mobility

In 1895, inventor Revra DePuy discovered DePuy Manufacturing for the first time, for sale in Orthopaedics Company situated in United States. The DePuy was acquired later by Johnson & Johnson in 1998. During the 1970s and 1980s, knee replacement surgery was performed mainly for pain, disability or deformity. Wide range of choice in knee replacement devices and components of total knee replacement, partial knee replacement and revision surgeries were designed by the company in such a way that it could be utilized as a solution in orthopedic disorders causing damage to the knee joints.

Later due to technological improvements in instruments and equipments, similar to your normal knee achieved a position in grafting total knee replacement of smooth weight bearing surfaces. Total knee replacement and surgery is safe and dependable though surgeries.

Implantation materials involved

The implantation device is made up of titanium and cobalt chrome alloy rather than metal to avoid allergy due to usage of metal components and low friction plastic component made up of polyethylene polymer is placed between them acting as a spacer. As a whole, it is manufactured function as a graft replacing the original damaged parts of the knee joints.

Benefits of replacing a knee joint by surgery

After completion in the process of attachment of your new joint of knee you may feel the improvements of health condition and an optimistic difference due to surgery, such as

  • Reduction or no pain at all at knee joints.
  • Gradual improvements can be observed in the mobility at times moving your renewed knee by operation.
  • Angular leg deformity can be corrected through surgery.
  • The regular quality of life can be restored by performing your routine activities as well as your involvement in accomplishing your favorite hobbies without hesitation.

Here at Dr. Santpures Joint Replacement & Advance orthopedic Surgery we promote implantations of knee replacement being imported freshly just to reduce the suffer that you experience and provide you satisfaction with our sigma Johnson and Johnson / DePuy quality products.