Ilizarov Surgery

Ilizarov Surgery

Ilizarov uses an external fixator in a circular shape for stabilizing bony segments. Various ring connectors are used to connect and attach many external rings to each other. Half pins and tensioned wires are attached to external rings in order to stabilize the entire bone structure. These devices give strong mechanical stability and strength by resisting rotational and shear forces due to the circumferential nature of the device. The weight bearing promotes the healing and so is needed throughout the treatment and the device allows the possibility of bearing weight early in the applications of lower extremity.

Ilizarov technique has many advantages than other treatments and they are as follows:

  • Minimal dissection of the soft tissue

  • Bone gets the potential of bone regeneration

  • Possibility of tremendous versatility

The ability of stabilizing small of the bone segments can be controlled precisely in Ilizarov method and this quality is unique to the Ilizarov method. This quality helps the orthopedic surgeon in compressing, lengthening and distracting different portions of bone all along the treatment.

For complex problems, the Ilizarov treatment works at its best. Some of the complex problems for which Ilizarov treatment can be used are given below:

  • Fractures which are severe and acute

  • Fracture Non unions

  • Infected Non unions

  • Fractures in which large areas of the bone are missing (Segmental Defects)

  • Infections that are chronic and affects the bone

  • Deformities

Ilizarov method is applicable in different modes like:

  • Compression

  • Distraction

  • Differential Distraction or Compression

  • Lengthening

  • Bone Transport

Complex deformities can be corrected using apparatus of Professor Ilizarov. But there is another ring frame called Taylor Spatial that is innovative and utilizes six struts for connecting rings. This is a modification of apparatus found by Professor Ilizarov that provide the medical industry with a simplified way of correcting the problems those are complex.