Meniscus Repair

The term meniscus refers to a C-shaped cartilage piece found in the knee. There are two menisci (plural form meniscus) in each knee. For any forceful activity when the knee is rotated or twisted involuntarily it results in a torn meniscus. On the other hand when the knee loses its capacity to recover from the deformed shape torn meniscus takes place. In this case the pressure of the whole body is put on the knee which it cannot bear. To get rid of this common knee injury meniscus repair should be made through proper treatment.

Non operative treatment

Some of the meniscus problems like chronic meniscus tears can be treated by non-operative treatments which are as follows.

  • Taking rest as home treatment for recovery
  • Muscle strengthening exercises
  • Observation and physical therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines
  • Cortisone injections

In case these conventional measures are in vain for curing the problem then surgery is prescribed to repair the injured meniscus.

Observations before Repair:

  • Some mechanical symptoms caused by meniscus tears if obstruct the normal movement of the knee then surgical operations is suggested for meniscus repair. The symptoms are as follows.
  • Inability to stretch the knee willingly
  • Incapability to bend for locking of the knee
  • Feeling of a popping or clicking sound in the affected area

Secret in Repairing Meniscus:

Meniscus repair is not a prolonged operative process rather it takes only 40 minutes approximately. Not only that the patient is allowed to release on the very day from the hospital. But for repairing meniscus tears must be near the outer edge (the red-white segment of the meniscus) where the good blood is supplied. Because from the good blood nutrients obtained from the blood vessels are compulsory for recovery through operation. Finally, it can be said that meniscus repair lessens the chance of risk of arthritis in later life.