Metal on Poly Hip Replacement

Hip replacements cannot be avoided when the pain exceeds and reaches a level that taking forward the life becomes really difficult. Dr. Santpures Joint Replacement & Advance orthopedic Surgery does many hip replacement surgeries out of which the metal on polyethylene hip replacement is one among the best technique. Metal on plastic or polyethylene is longest tested and tried bearing by us. The stem – convex femoral one is made of metal mostly alloy of cobalt chrome and the liner – concave cup one is made using a plastic known as polyethylene.

Technology used in Metal on polyethylene Hip Replacement

Many variations of the combination of metal and polyethylene have been used in various ways from 1960. During that time it was known as LFA or Low Friction Arthroplasty. After some years, the formation of polyethylene was made better. The plastic that is used now is called as UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) or UHXPLE (Ultra High Cross Linked Polyethylene). This is one among the greatly stable and also reliable material of plastic and reduces the risk of wear to a great extent.

Advantages of Metal on Polyethylene Hip Replacement

Because of the performance and durability, metal on polyethylene has become the most leading among the component materials used for making artificial hip. Most of the surgeons choose the metal on polyethylene technology of hip replacement for surgeries from the very start. This bearing is also least expensive. We have recommended this to many of our patients and the surgery has been quite effective and impactful.

Follow Up needed after Metal on Polyethylene Hip Replacement

The implant shed when they wear. When time goes on, the body sees the wear of polyethylene particles as infection source or invaders. When body starts attacking them, it leads to a condition called osteolysis or bone dissolving and demands replacement of the implant. You have to come for follow up and we will provide you with the best solutions, care and suggestions whenever needed.