Literally osteotomy refers to bone cutting. It is a surgical operation made to treat osteoarthritis of the knee. Actually, in osteotomy the wedge of a bone is cut from the damaged part of ones knee to relieve pressure.


At the early stage of osteoarthritis when the leg and knee bones cannot get together properly and creates an extra stress on the knee. This stress or pressure damages the smooth cartilages that keep safe the bones from any injury generating stiffness and pain in the affected place.

At this stage osteotomy surgery is applied to shift the weight of the extra pressure of the damaged knee. It not only protects from further damage rather relieves the knee from stiffness and unbearable pain which in turn causes significant progress in the arthritic knee. By removing a wedge of bone from the damaged joint actually weight is shifted to healthier cartilage from the damaged one.


Osteotomy is undoubtedly a modern procedure of knee treatment. It provides lots of positive effects which are as follows.


  • It enables to revive the poor knee alignment accurate.

  • Ostetomy can effectively be able to extend the duration of the knee joint.

  • It can give relief from the extra pressure in which the weight is shifted to healthier part from the affected arthritic area.

  • No restriction on physical activities is required to maintain after this surgical operation rather high exercisable activities can be comfortably encouraged.

  • Above all osteotomy can make adieu to the urge for joint replacement for a long time.

In case of osteotomy for arthritis of inner knee tibia i.e. shinbone is removed and in case of same problem for the outer knee femur i.e. thighbone is cut. Like knee joints it is also very fruitful for hip joints.