Surface Replacement Surgery (CAS)

There are many surgeries that are used for replacement of knee, hip etc. The surface replacement surgeries are one among them and are quite effective and efficient in solving the underlying issues. The surgeries are done because of weakness, deformity, arthritis etc on a particular area of the body. The pain and disability extends in such a way that surgery has to be done to correct the problem. On severe cases a surgery is inevitable and has to be carried out by the experts in the medical field.

Advantages of the surface replacement surgery over the traditional one

In the traditional system of the surgery, a metal stem is to be put inside the bone and many potential issues are there that may happen associated to the removal of the bone and inserting an implant and also fixing it using cementation. But in the case of arthritis, only the joint surface gets affected and in this case there is no need of the whole stem to be removed. In these cases, the surface replacement surgeries can be done, where only the surface of the bone has to be tampered. Thus the possibility of complications can be avoided and the natural bone can be maintained as much as possible in its original form.

Computer assisted surface replacement surgery (CAS for surface replacement)

Computer assisted surface replacement surgery can be done. The advancements in the technologies have brought many changes in the equipments and machineries used in the medical field. Computer assisted surgery is such a machinery that aids the surgeon with great insight. The CAS helps the doctors to position the components used in the prosthesis in such a way to improve postoperative prosthesis alignment that in turn increases the overall percentage of survivorship of prosthesis. CAS has shown an improvement in positioning to a great extent.