Deformity Correction

What is Deformity Correction?

Any part of the body or organ when appears to be different as compared to normal rather average shape deformity is assumed to take place in the body. Numerous reasons may be the cause and these deformities leads to wide range of problems. Through the best possible treatments these unexpected deformities or deformed positions of the organs or part of organs can be corrected. Otherwise, they have to face some undesirable incidents in life which will affect their social out-cast and self esteem.

Assessment Process

To assess the deformity a thorough clinical investigation is compulsory. First you have to search the location, level, plane and magnitude of the deformed part. Then appear before X- ray with long film. It is noteworthy to mention that if a deformity for correction in lower limb is assessed the kneecap should face forward.

Common Measurement

To chalk out the correction of deformity one should be aware of the normal anatomical (A.A) and mechanical axes and the angles generated there in case of a pre-operative plan. The plane of deformity can be assessed best by the graphic method put forward by IIzarov.

Hidden Deformities

Detection of a hidden deformity is possible through plotting of axes and joint lines; such as CORA (center of rotation of angulation) or true apex and obvious or false apex. In case these two do not coincide the deformities generated can be manageable by osteotomy following the two alternatives.

  • At the points of two CORA two osteotomies should be made.

  • At the resolution point one osteotomy should be applied.

IIzarovs superb contribution towards the correction of deformities is undeniable. Though Catagni, Herzenburg, Paley also contributed a lot for further development of this method. To treat it IIzarovs ring fixator is not the last weapon; to have better result in treating the correction of deformities one can apply monolateral external fixator similar to AO or Orthofix. Before going through the correction of deformities one must be aware of its principles.