Hinged Knee

Chronic knee pain is something that can hinder the movement of a person badly and will affect the day to day activities completely negatively. Knee is a part of the body where there are more chances for wear and tear. As it is a place of joint that needs more degrees of movement and any weakness or other problems on this part hinder the motion of a person. Dr. Santpures Joint Replacement & Advance orthopaedic is well known in successfully treating knee related problems and will recommend surgery only in inevitable conditions.

Materials and Methods

The total knee prosthesis of rotating hinge will be used by us for treating global instability in the knee. This is a very effective method and the surgery has already provided maximum knee support to the patients. A knee after the surgery can be treated using a hinged knee braces that will provide support for your knee externally. Soon after the knee surgery our doctor will tell you not to give much strain toyour knee and will suggest you to have the hinged knee braces that will support your entire knee effectively and will restrict motion in needed amount. The hinged knee brace that we ask you to wear are quite easy to wear and comfortable compared to the other hinged knee products available in the market. We will guide you on the same.

The surgery we do here will help in not only decreasing the pain but also in increasing the function of the knee. Dr. Santpures Joint Replacement & Advance Orthopaedic Surgery provides you with the best possible results and you will be amazed with the talents of our doctor in undertaking the salvage procedure well. We will make you feel at home and will provide you with the services that makes you completely comfortable and will take all the confusions and tensions away from your mind.