ISKD Nail / Precice Nail

People who are not happy with the body image seek ISKD / Precice nail surgery. Body image refers to the way in which one perceives self. When the height is considered some people may feel that the height is inadequate or the body proportion is not correct. Body proportion refers to the length of the limb relative to the length of the trunk. This condition is called as Height Dysphoria or unhappiness about the height. Dysphoria is opposite to the word euphoria and the person suffers from neurosis about the height. The Height Dysphoria has another version too which is rare and it is dysmorphic disorder of the body. This is psychosis and not neurosis and should never be treated with a surgery.

Methods that can be adapted for stature lengthening

Cutting edge is a technology that can be adapted for stature lengthening. This is done with the help of implantable limb that can be lengthened. The procedure involves the insert of an intramedullary nail that is telescopic in nature and the device looks like a tube that is inserted into the cavity of bone. The only device which has FDA approval is the PRECICE device and is the best device available in market now. Precice has not only very good rate control but also has the property of giving only lesser pain to the patients during surgery. Precice is the device that has reverse mechanism that increases the safety.

The height that can be gained with Precice

The tolerance of each patients bone and also soft tissue differs and the lengthening height that can be achieved also differs. In one lengthening a height up to 8 cm can be added, but if more length is needed, then the patient has to undergo two lengthening processes. Thus a total height of 14.5 cm can be attained.