Orthofix Surgery

The Orthofix??Surgery uses an eight-Plate technique for guided growth of bones in children and overcomes all the drawbacks related to the traditional stapling and thus gives effective and improved angular deformity correction. The Orthofix eight plate is unique and is designed in the shape of figure eight (8) and is of the size of paper clip. This helps in the correction of the limb deformity of your child gradually. A side of the growth plate is held by the holds of eight – Plate. As the opposite side of the physis keeps on growing and expanding, the screws within the plate diverge and serve as a hinge. This action helps in avoiding compression of the growth plate which is getting guided to a proper growth. They are flexible too and this lessens the chance of breaking or bending of plates or screws.

Orthofix Surgical Procedure

The eight plate is implanted after giving anesthesia to the patient and so requires around one hour. At the time of procedure, a two to three centimeter incision is made at physis of bone that has to be corrected. This eight plate is attached to bone with the help of two screws of titanium alloy. The placing of the eight plate depends on the type of problem. In the case of deformity like knock knees, eight plate is kept on bones medial side. For bowed legs, eight plate is kept on lateral side of bone. Multiple deformities can also be addressed in a single procedure by inserting an eight plate at each physis. The incision made will be closed usually with the help of resorbable sutures. After getting recovered from the anesthesia, the child can be taken back home.

Postoperative Recovery

Your child can walk and also resume activities including sports in a tolerable level when he becomes comfortable and it happens mostly within three weeks. The eight plate restrains growth in only one side of bone plate and in the other side, bone grows in its natural way. The complete correction happens slowly over time. Regular check up has to be done every three months and the X ray will help in understanding the status. Once the entire problem is corrected, the eight plate will be removed by the surgeon.