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Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

Direct Anterior Approach total hip replacement is one of the cutting-edge method of hip replacement that offers may benefits over the standard hip replacement technique. The traditional hip replacement method involved making openings from the side of the hip. This method involved disturbing a lot of tissues and joints to reach. The incisions made ranged from 8-12 inches long.
The Direct Anterior Approach in contrast makes only 3-4 inches incision. The direct anterior approach makes the incision in the front of the hip, unlike the traditional method. The direct anterior method thereby do not disturb the tissues and joints. The Direct Anterior method is also known as less time consuming surgery. The patients have to be in the hospital for a very short period of time. The surgery also involves quicker healing process. In the process of disturbing the muscles during traditional surgery method, chances of dislocations are very high. This risk is minimal in Direct Anterior Approach.

Benefits of Direct Anterior Approach:

  • The time of recovery in Direct Anterior Approach is relatively less. The incisions made are small, the muscles removed and disturbed is almost near to nil. The damage caused to the muscles is also very less.
  • The incisions are made at the front of the hip, therefore the patients fear of sitting on the incision is unconcerned.
  • Reduced scaring due to relatively small incisions.
  • Reduced potential for revision surgery as the implants stability is higher.
  • The Direct Anterior Approach does not allow detachment of the muscles and tendons.
  • Obese or larger patients benefit from the invasive approach.
  • Less trauma for the muscles as the incision is made at the front of the hip rather than at the side, which involves removing tissues and muscles to reach the hip.
  • The patients may be allowed to move their hips at a shorter period of time than the time usually taken in traditional surgery.
  • Restrictions associated with traditional hip surgery are not at all imposed on patients with Direct Anterior Surgery.
  • Less time consuming Surgery.
  • Less blood loss during surgery.
  • Reduced post-operative pain.
  • Rare chance of dislocation.
  • Return to normal life and activity in a much shorter period of time.

Every surgery has its own set of risks and benefits. It is very important to follow the precautions and advice set by the doctor. Every surgery depends on varied factors and so does the performance of the surgery.