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Tumor Prosthesis, Mega-Prosthesis, Onco-Ortho

Tumor Prosthesis is a kind of artificial replacement essential for treating orthopedic defect. Basically it is required if distal femur fracture happen due to tumor. If cells of the bone are divided randomly it forms lump. It is quite obvious that if bones become neoplasm the healthy tissues are displaced from the body. Tumor prosthesis is required when tumor goes to severity and needed surgery. If vertebral discs are damaged these complicated joints need tumor prosthesis for recovering the complication. It can be happened in knees, legs and hips. So it is quite essential surgical procedure.


It is needless to say that Mega-Prosthesis is the method of selecting to reconstruct the bone after neoplasm resection at knee. However, long time with it is not satisfactory. Various surveys have proved that the performance of Mega-Prosthesis among the patients who had undergone excision of tumor of their knee is truly successful. Through this procedure distal portion of femur, proximal portion of tibia can be skillfully reconstructed by this modern surgical treatment. However, Mega-Prosthesis needs regular follow up and it is suggested that after completion of Mega-Prosthesis of knee patients should reduce body weight immediately by doing moderate exercise.


Onco-Ortho is the special field of orthopedic which studies with observation, treatment and examination of bones and benign and malignant tumor of soft tissues. These tumors can be formed in bone and surrounding muscles. This sub-specialty of orthopedics includes various ailments named enchondromas, fibrous dysplasias, bony cysts, cell tumors, Ewing sarcoma, osteosarcoma and many more malignancies. These kinds of malignancies involve with musculoskeletal system along with tumor. The field is associated with numerous teams of surgeons like pathologists, radiologists, medical and radiation oncologists and other health professionals. However, the primary focus of this treatment is to serve state of art treatment of malignant tumor on first stage.