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Arthritis of Knee

arthritis knee treatment results

Name - Khalid
Country - Iraq
This patient from Iraq had early Arthritis of Knee joint.In order to prevent further damage, he had undergone corrective Osteotomy.


Total Knee Replacement

Total Knee Replacement-Aurangabad

Name - Mrs.Hazra Begum
Age - 60 yrs
Country - Saudi Arabia
This is the review of the case of a patient suffering from severe Arthritis in her knees. Because of this she was unable to walk.She had undergone a total knee replacement and is now leading a pain free life

Mrs.Hazra Begum
Saudi Arabia

Complex Trauma Care

trauma care

This is the review of case of fixing of fracture of two Iraqi students.
They had met with a motor vehicle accident and one had fractured forearm and other had fractured leg. Post fixation of fracture they had laid back recovery at the Hospital

Iraqi students

Arm Bone Problem

Arm Bone Problem-india

Name - Mr.Francis Karju
Country - Kenya
This patient from Kenya had fractured his thigh bone which got cured in the year 2002 through successful surgery. Again after 10 years he had an arm bone problem which was treated later on in the year 2012

Mr.Francis Karju

Total Hip Replacement

success story-aurangabad

Name - Mr.Ahamed
Age - 35 yrs
Country - Iraq
Symptoms - Severe right hip pain
The patient was diagnosed with Avascular necrosis wherein , the total replacement of hip should be done.The treatment started off with total hip replacement using Ceramic implants with a large head(36mm). Now he leads an pain free active life.


Paediatric Deformity Correction

Paediatric Deformity Correction-india

Name - Ms.Abeer
Age - 2yrs
Country - Iraq
The female child was born with CDH (Congenital hip dislocation). This is a condition were the person would not have the ability to walk due to the dislocation of both hip joints.The patient had undergone a major reconstructive surgery (both hip) . And the cost incurred was around one tenth as the cost compared to USA


Revision Joint Replacement Surgery


Name - Ambika Joshi
Age - 65yrs
Country - India
The 65 year old women had done bilateral knee replacement. She did not have any problems or medical conditions till she fell down twice in six months after her surgery. But after that, she felt discomfort and was unable to walk because of artificial joint dislocation. Then she consulted with Dr. Santpure S V for revision total knee replacement. Cemented bipolar was done for long term protection of her knee and now she is leading a pain free life with out any joint dislocation problems.

Ambika Joshi