Stress Fractures of the Foot and Ankle

Due to overuse of the bone, small cracks might develop in the bone and as this is mainly the result of excessive stress it is called as stress fractures. Running for long distances frequently or those who impart more stress to the legs by playing games like tennis and baseball are prone to get affected by stress fractures.


  • Gradual development of pain as you gives more and more stress and a feeling of relief and elimination of pain while resting.
  • Feeling pain that could be serious even while doing regular day-to-day activities.
  • Swelling observed in the top portion of the foot and also in ankles particularly in the outside part.
  • Tender feeling at the point of fracture.
  • Bruising also could be a symptom in some cases.
  • Home remedy before seeing a doctor:
  • If a stress fracture is suspected, just rest and relax. Providing more and more stress will only increase the pain and seriousness of the condition.
  • Ice packs also could be applied to reduce the pain.
  • Pain killers could be used to reduce the pain if they are excessive and unbearable.

Non-Surgical Treatment:

Taking a break from the stress applying activity for at least a period of 8 weeks would be suggested. But you can involve yourself in other activities that do not impact much stress to your foot and ankle. Aerobics not involving the action of foot and ankle, swimming and cycling are generally advised.
Footwear that is protective to the affected area also might be suggested. This includes wearing shoes with stiffened soles, sandal soled with wood or in cases fracture braced shoes also might be suggested.
If the fracture had occurred in navicular bone that is located at the outside of the foot then applying cast would be a better option. This would keep the portion immobile for a definite period of time till the fracture heals. During the period you may have to wear crutches to avowing direct weight impact on your foot.

Surgical Treatment:

In rare cases surgical treatment might be suggested. A kind of a fastener would be fixed for supporting fractured bone by surgery. Screws, pins and plates also could be used to keep the bone in place.