Cervical Fractures

Cervical Fracture is commonly known as a broken neck. It is mainly a catastrophic fracture. This normally happens in cervical vertebrae of human neck. There are seven cervical vertebrae present in our neck and it can happen in any of these seven. Some of the common causes for Cervical Fractures are diving into the shallow water and traffic collisions. Any abnormal movements of bones can cause an internal spinal cord injury. This can also results in paralysis, sensation loss or it can even cause death.

Common causes

  • When football or rugby players use to spear with his head against the opponent.
  • Sports which require violent and high physical contact involve a high risk of Cervical Fractures.
  • During the release and pick-up of iron weight at gym also involves high risk of Cervical Fractures.

Connection of central nervous system and spinal cord between the body and the brain runs through this center of vertebrae. Hence, any type of injury to the vertebrae is a serious concern.


A huge pain can be felt at the point of cerebral injury. This pain can also feel in the neck, shoulders and arms. At the back of the neck swelling and bruising can be seen. Neurological treatment is usually required to access and identify the cerebral location. The accurate location of the fracture is needed to identify. Hence, doctors recommend X-rays and other test to identify it. When gross abnormalities are not visible from the regular X-ray report, CT scan is normally recommended.

Medical treatment

Medical treatment of Cervical Fractures depends on:

  • Out of seven cervical vertebrae which one has got damage?
  • What is the condition of fracture there?

If it is a normal minor injury than worn of cervical brace for 7 to 9 months is sufficient until the respective bones get heal.