Feet are the part that takes all your weight and we add pressure to it by many activities that could be regular or irregular. Even though the feet are designed to withstand all those pressures corns that are nothing but calluses appear in the toes mostly because of the shoes you wear.
The tightness of the shoe might exert pressure on the bones that in turn would apply a similar amount of pressure on the skin. In such cases the skin becomes very thick in that region excessive building up happens. Corns could be soft or hard depending upon their location of appearance or the way they resemble.


  • Shoes not fitting properly are the main cause. Squeezing action might happen that would increase the pressure.
  • Loose shoes may also become a cause as they enable the feet to slide down and causing a rubbing action with the sides of the shoe.
  • Hammer toe and claw toe are deformities occurring to the feet and these also could be a reason for the condition.
  • Shoes with high heels result in increased pressure to the fore foot and could become a cause.
  • Ill-fitting socks also could attribute to the condition.


The thick layer of the skin that is dead will be removed by a shaving action by the doctor with the scalpel. This procedure would help I restoration of the normal skin layer. This is a very simple treatment but should not be tried at home.
If the corns are due to some inner toe problems or deformity then it could be corrected by simple surgeries.

Home remedies:

  • Selecting shoes with care that fits nicely is the best advised home cure.
  • Soaking your feet regularly in water and rubbing softly with callus file would soften the skin.
  • Foam pads I the donuts are available that could be used to release the pressure to the toes.