Large Head Ceramic THR

On ceramic HR surgery large head ceramic has brought the revolution in THR. There is no doubt that the technology of ceramic hip replacement was performed first time in Eastern India by renowned orthopedic surgeon. The challenge was to recover Avascular Necrosis. Due to this kind of orthopedic problem the deterioration of bone creates loads of troubles on hip. Patient suffered severe pain and stiffness for all time. Gradually it becomes more dangerous while walking.

Benefits of Large Head Ceramic Hip Replacement:

Requirements of modern patients have modified. They are very eager to get latest medical facility on every aspect. It is truth that young generation always requires secured hip joint for their frequent activity. For this, large head ceramic hip replacement is just unavoidable for various reasons. Have a look on its benefits mentioned below.
Natural Movement: Large head ceramic hip replacement surgery provides the patient large femoral head with high grade stability. It can be a strong surface for bearing loads of weight.
Security: Due to the sturdiness of large head ceramic hip replacement technology, the chance of dislocation is reduced. Besides it helps to increase the stability of bodys normal function.
Durability: The risk of friction is totally nil on large head ceramic HR. Simultaneously the chance of wearing is reduced. So it is needless to say that from large head ceramic HR patient gets long lasting effective result.

Surgical Procedure:

The surgery is done by specialized orthopedic surgeons after general anesthesia. Then anatomically matched joints are attached by replacing the damaged bone. The joining purpose is performed by anchoring with bone instead of cementing. The socket used in this process doesnt need cement also. As a large head HR, ceramic material is superb and secured than metal on metal surfaces because it doesnt create any debris.