Boutonniere Deformity

Tendon is an inelastic but flexible tissue that connects muscle with middle bone of the finger. Boutonniere deformity is the problem of tendon that hampers to keep the finger straight. Basically the middle joint of the finger is affected and without treatment the deformity may increase that results permanent non-functioning.

Causes of Boutonniere Deformity

This deformity is caused by a vigorous blow to the dorsal portion of a flexed mid joint of a finger. If the tendon is cut accidentally the attachment with bone will also be hampered and it can be one of the major causes of Boutonniere deformity. Among various causes arthritis acts severe role to create such deformity. So have a look on the causes of this kind of deformity at a glance.

  • Vigorous Blow to the Fingers Top Position
  • Laceration of Tendon
  • Arthritis

Treatment of Boutonniere Deformity

Boutonniere is a medical term in French which means buttonhole in English. However, this jammed finger deformity can be treated in two ways- surgically and non-surgically. It has full chance to get back the proper shape and functions of the finger if treated early. The surgical procedures should be done the deformity is caused by rheumatoid arthritis, severe laceration of tendon and when non-surgical procedure fails. But physicians prefer non-surgical ways to cure Boutonniere deformity with numerous techniques. The Techniques include

  • Splints: Splints is a device through which finger is jammed artificially from the middle to keep it straight. The splints must be on finger by maintaining the recommended time periods ranging from 3weeks to 6weeks depends on age.
  • Protection: Most of sports persons are habituated with splints. The protection is needed just after removing splints if they participate in any kinds of sports again.
  • Exercise: Stretching exercise is very important to avoid Boutonniere Deformity and physician must recommend this way before going to drastic step.