Spinal Deformity in Children with Myelomeningocele

Myelomeningocele is medically termed as Spina Bifida Cystica. It is completely a defect of birth occurred very early stage of fatal development. According to the National Birth Defects Networks and Centers for Disease Control, Spinal deformity in children with myelomeningcele is one of the most serious neurological defects that hamper thousands of babies every year. In this congenital defect, some bones of vertebrae dont form properly and dont fasten thoroughly around the spinal cord. So, a sac like structure is formed and sticked out from the back of the kids.

Causes of Spinal Deformity with Myelomeningocele:

Besides advancement of Medical Science, it should be informed that the actual causes of this kind of deformity are still under dark. Some analysts think that the lack of folic acid in body can be responsible for it. But it is not accurate information. As this spinal deformity is inborn problem and during pregnancy or early pregnancy the percentage of folic acid in body decreased, it can be culpable.

Examinations to Detect:

Whether a child is with spinal deformity with myelomeningocele or not can be understood through various ongoing processes of many specialists. It is needless to say that every physician has different role. The role of specialists is mentioned below.

  • Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon: This specialist is needed for detecting the bone and muscle defects and inability of functioning.
  • Neurosurgeon: Neurosurgeon observes the condition and correlation of brain and spine of a child.
  • Urologist: The malfunction of bladder and bowel must be managed in this kind of problem. Thats why urologist is required.
  • Rehabilitation Expert: To customize and modify the brace and wheelchair rehabilitation expert is required.


The problem is treated through non-surgical and surgical ways. The usage of bracing, modification of wheelchair is under non-surgical treatment. If problem persists then surgery is highly needed.