Bowed Legs

Bowed Legs and its Treatments in Advanced Orthopaedics

Legs are the part of our body will helps us to stand properly. But some disorders may happen to the bones of the legs, because of which the legs may be bowed and the childs walking pattern might become a little awkward. Bowed legs are very common among toddlers and occasional among adolescents, that too more among overweight adolescents.

The different causes for bowed legs may be one among the following.

  • Physiologic Genu Varum
  • Blount’s Disease
  • Rickets
  • Physiologic Genu Varum and its treatments

If the bowed leg disorder is seen among children under the age of 2, then it might not be a permanent problem. The improvement starts by 18 months of the childs age and continues improving and completely vanishes between 3 to 5 age. This comes under Physiologic Genu Varum. Surgical treatment can be taken, if even after reaching adolescence the disorder does not go.

Blounts Disease and its treatments

There are growth plates at the end of a childs long bones. It will be there in children till they reaches the age of skeletal maturity. The abnormality of the growth plate in the upper part of tibia (the lower leg bone) results in Blounts disease. It occurs in toddlers and also in adolescents. After the age of 3, if the bowing worsens and if an obvious image of it can be seen in the X-Ray, then we can conclude that it can be Blounts Disease and surgical treatment may be needed. But for children under the age of 2, the X-Ray may be showing result of only Physiologic Genu Varum, then the bowing can be improved by treating non surgically with a brace.

Rickets and its treatments

Bowing caused by Rickets is due to the lack of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is there in abundance in milk and other food products. Rickets is a disease can be genetically inherited, in which Vitamin D is not absorbed correctly from the food. Non surgical treatment include the help of a metabolic specialist and regular orthopedic follow up. Even then if the deformities persists, surgical treatment has to be done.