Ceramic on Ceramic THR

Ceramic on ceramic THR is one of the reliable total hip replacements among others. The demand of this kind of replacement is rapidly increasing day by day. It can surely decrease the bearing related complication in young adults. Through this replacement method almost 90% of people have achieved their normal life for doing regular activities. Mostly the duration of hip replacement is near about 25years. It depends on body activities. Thats why it can be worn out quickly in young than oldies because of the physical activity.

Advantages of Ceramic on Ceramic Total Hip Replacement:

Behind the popularity of ceramic on ceramic hip replacement there are numbers of reasons. Lets have a look on its benefits so that people with severe hip pain can get relief through this total hip replacement.

  • Durable: The traditional hip replacement was performed with metal on metal and plastic on metal. But these wear after some period of time. From this perspective, ceramic on ceramic is quite durable and robust in nature.
  • Effective Result: All kinds of painful and arthritic joints can be cured by ceramic on ceramic total hip replacement method. The uniqueness about it is that it provides long lasting effective result than other Traditional procedure.
  • Unbreakable Feature: The unbreakable feature of ceramic provides no risk of breaking because of the characteristics of material. It is needless to say that it is strong than plastic implant.

Surgical Procedure of Ceramic on Ceramic Total Hip Replacement:

There is awesome science behind the ceramic on ceramic THR. The experienced surgeon is required for perform this kind of scientific operation. This replacement consists of an aluminum femoral head, aluminum ceramic insert, metallic ace tabular socket and a metallic stem for femur. As a result, the suffering patient gets relief after getting the success on ceramic on ceramic THR.