Bone Grafts in Spine Surgery

Spinal fusion is most common type of surgery which is done on back or on neck. The main purpose of this surgery is to fuse together bones in the spinal so that they both work as a single bone. Additional bone usually requires for the fusion or healing. The additional bone which normally require for the fusion is commonly known as bone graft.
Today there are many options available for bone graft. Now days bones are combined together. Bone graft normally provides an environment and a basic foundation, which allow the patient body to grow a new bone. During this surgery some instrument are typically used like rods, screws, so as to provide stability to that section of spine for the first 5 to 6 months after the surgery.

Types of bone graft

Autograft In this type of bone graft extra bone normally takes from any part of the body and grafts it to another part of the body. Like spine. This type of replacement or graft is known as Autograft. This type of grafting is very common now.
Surgeons normally take the bone from that part of the body where there will be no problem after removal of bone.

Disadvantage of Autograft:

Some of disadvantages of Autograft are:

  • Bleeding or infection can occur from the area where Autograft has done.
  • Iliac crest has limited number of bones and as we grow older, bone become weak.
  • During removal of bone it hurts and this pain can stay after the surgery complete.

Synthetic bone

Synthetic bone is made up of ceramic. The base material of ceramic is calcium. This synthetic bone is normally made in the same shape of the Autograft bone. Bone made up of ceramics has much advantage in long run.