Diabetic Foot

Diabetes causes increased levels of blood sugar. This might cause damage to nerves or might result in poor circulation of blood to the feet. This is the major cause for diabetic foot or Charcot arthropathy. This can result in deformity of the feet that might end up with disability to use the feet.
Neuropathy is a condition that occurs because of nerve damage. This would lead to the loos in sensitivity to the feet. The patient will not feel any sense even if there is damage or puncture in that portion. Such wounds might develop into serious conditions in a few days.
Diabetes also has a damaging effect to the blood vessels. This results in lack of blood circulation. This might make the bones weaker and could result in disintegration of the bones and joints. When such conditions persist patients with diabetes may not feel the pain due to damage to the nerves.


Swelling in feet is an early sign.
Change in colour of the feet to red.

Non-Surgical Treatment:

Casting is usually opted when the treatment is started at early stages of detection of diabetic feet. This is an effective method that protects the feet and also the ankle. But I such cases the patient is required to use crutches or similar devices so as not to put pressure to the feet.
After the reduction of swelling, shoes that are custom built for such patients could be used.

Surgical Treatment:

Increasing the length of the Achilles tendon is suggested for deformities that are mild and a bit of tightening feeling in the heels.
If the bone, due to excess pressure protrudes out as a bump then a surgery will be recommended where the protruding bone will be shaved out through surgery.
In the case of unstable deformation which happens when the bones are loose then fusing the bone back into its position will be required by surgery.