Reverse Shoulder Replacement

Ever though shoulder replacements are mostly successful, for patients who had Cuff tear anthropathy have a chance of getting severe pain and less motion. On such cases reverse Shoulder replacement becomes an option.
Muscles developed over the rotary cuff help in various motions of the shoulder and the upper arm. When these muscles become non-functional after shoulder replacement, then reverse shoulder replacement is opted for. This procedure is concentrated on the deltoid muscle over the rotator cuff that brings power back to the arm and also enables proper positioning of the arm.
Reverse Shoulder Replacement is normally if he following conditions are detected with the patient:

  • Rotator cuff getting fully torn
  • Cuff tear anthropathy
  • Unsuccessful shoulder replacement
  • Unbearable pain emanating while lifting the arm or raising it over the head.
  • Unsuccessful results after trying other treatment methods for eliminating the pain.

Preparation for this surgical process is considered very important

  • Medical Check-up: A complete medical check-up is essential before taking the final call and the doctor would thoroughly check and examine your body with a series of test and ensure that your body is healthy enough to withstand the procedure.
  • Other treatments: Normally medications are first prescribed by your doctor to see if the pain abates and it the treatments could not resolve the issue then call would be taken.

The Reverse Shoulder Replacement:

The procedure itself comprises of the replacement of the damaged parts or portions with artificial components. The incision will be made either in the front part of your shoulder or at the top according the diagnostic reports and remove the damaged components and then they are replaced with artificial components to restore normal action. The entire process might take about two hours.


For the recovery process the doctor will prescribe antibiotics to avoid infection and pain. You may have to undergo physiotherapy exercises after a certain period as per the instruction of your doctor and Physiotherapists.