Recurrent and Chronic Elbow Instability

Elbow Instability is the condition where there is looseness in the elbow joint. It may cause the joint to pop, catch, slide out of the spot during particular movements in your arm. Generally, it occurs due to an injury or due to an elbow dislocation. It may even damage the ligaments and bones which surround the elbow joint and work to maintain its stability. The condition where the individual feels looseness or slight lip out of the elbow results to be known as Recurrent and chronic elbow instability.

What are the types of recurrent elbow instability?

There are three types:

  • Posterolateral rotatory instability
  • Valgus instability
  • Varus posteromedial rotatory instability

What are the causes of these types of recurrent elbow instability?

Every type has its own cause to mention in detail.

  • Posterolateral rotatory instability is the common type of elbow instability as it is caused by trauma like a sudden fall on an unexpanded hand. Besides this, it may even develop due to the result of an earlier surgery or any venerable elbow deformity.
  • Valgus Instability is in general caused by repetitive stress and observed in athletes. It may also result due to any traumatic event as well.
  • Varus posteromedial rotatory instability is caused by a traumatic event like valgus instability due to a sudden fall.

What are the symptoms observed?

The symptoms can be like catching, clicking or a feeling of lock in the elbow and even you may sense the feeling of pop out of the elbow from its place. Commonly, this feeling occurs when you push off the chair. In case of athletes, it is reported about the feeling of pain on the inside of the elbow while throwing or due to loss of velocity while performing throw.