Not all the bones in human body are connected by joints. There are some bones that are just connected by tendons and by the muscles. These joint-less joints are called as Sesamoids. The main and the largest Sesamoid in your body is patella which is commonly known as kneecap. There are two more Sesamoids in our body and they are located at the under and outer side of your foot.
Sesamoids make ground for the tendons to slide providing them with a smooth surface. The Sesamoids at the feet also takes care of an additional responsibility of weight bearing. In two ways Sesamoids could create trouble one by fracture and the other by inflamed and irritated tendons over them. Such conditions are called as Sesamoiditis and could occur to people who offer more pressure to these areas while running and dancing.


Pain is the main symptom for Sesamoiditis. It would be gradual in simple case while would be instantaneous during fractures.
Swelling could also be a symptom but not present in all the cases.

Non-Surgical Treatment:

Most of the Sesamoiditis could be cured by non-surgical treatments. They are

  • Avoid activity that puts more pressure to that area
  • Take pain killers as advised by the doctor
  • Apply ice packs or wrapping in the pained area
  • Wear soft soled shoes that are not hard on the foot.
  • Cushioning also could be tried over the stressed areas.
  • If there is swelling doctor might opt for steroid injection.

Treating fractures:

  • Leg-fracture braces or wear a shoe with a stiffened sole as advised by the doctor for a period decided in accordance to the severity.
  • Taping the joint might also be suggested that would limit the stress and movement to the toe.
  • Pads that are shaped as J also might be suggested till the healing of the fracture and they relieve the stress and pressure to the joint.