For International Patients

Joint Replacement & Advance orthopaedic surgery is one of the best surgeries in the country to serve the national and international patients and Dr. Santpures surgical procedures are top in Aurangabad to which international patients travel for joint replacement surgery to perform the best of their ability. From trauma to the advanced orthopaedic surgeries, with the use of advanced surgery equipments, we serve the best with vast experience as the health of the patient matters the most to make our services rendered with top quality, satisfaction and good health.

international patient services

Dr. Santpure, a USA trained Orthopaedic surgeon with a team of well qualified and experienced surgeons focuses particularly on the patients health, providing excellent care for the difficult problems in joint replacement and orthopaedic surgery. Besides this, we are internationally renowned due to our standard services and the use of highly advanced equipments and treatments to treat every national and international patient in affordable price and a comprehensive range of subspecialties and orthopaedic services. We present world standard implants which cure the problem and never arises any sort of issue regarding health as we treat each and every international patient with respect and dignity.

Well, language is not a problem as we communicate in every dialect and perform the needy and emergency services as it is simple to understand that no two patients are similar but have similar pains and problems to be cured in a proper way to allow to get back to normal life once again after a few days rest in our standard facility hospital as per the advise. We provide the world class Joint Replacement & Advance orthopaedic surgery in a caring and comfortable environment in Aurangabad, which attracts international patients to feel like home and get the treatment in a proper way and as per the standard norms.

Understand your health issues and if any Joint Replacement or Advance orthopaedic surgery is advised then reach to us in Aurangabad and get it cured with our USA trained surgeon to whom the life of the patient values the most.