Bunions are the one of the common forefoot malformations. A dislocation of bone of big toe is occurred in this problem. As a result the big toe is moved towards the next toe and gradually it becomes fixed with it. Most of the time, the bunions appear reddish in color with sore. Women have much tendency of having bunions than men. Various causes are there to form this kind of deformity.

Causes of Bunions:

As it is declared that it is very common in women than men, it is needless to say that a lifestyle plays important role for this deformity. Though women have the habit to wear different types of stylish shoes and there is no doubt that most of the time these are not comfortable. These may be tight fitting and narrow which creates bunions. But not only shoes are responsible for it. There are several issues behind it, have a look.

  • Bad deals with foot
  • Family History
  • Immoderate Pronation
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Downs syndrome
  • Length wise dissimilarity of two legs
  • Weak Ligaments
  • Accidental Injury


The treatments of Bunions really depend on the severity of the problem. The treatments can be categorized in two different types i.e conservative treatment and surgical treatment.

Conservative Treatments:

It is non-surgical procedure and applies numerous traditional techniques to relief from the pain. Orthopedic experts recommend comfortable and loose fitting shoes that can provide plentiful space in it. Splinting is another good way through which the pain and stickiness can be alleviated. Cold compression with Acetaminophen and ibuprofen drugs is in the category of conservative treatment.

Surgical Treatment:

The conservative treatments cant give relief when patients need surgery. It includes various techniques like

  • Swollen Tissue Removal
  • Straightening Big Toe
  • Realignment of bone between big toe and back foot.

Surgery is the last step when Bunions create frequent troubles.