Flexible Flatfoot in Children

The arch in the foot, in some children might disappear while standing. The arch might again appear during sitting positions. This affects both the foot and it could be partial also where the arch would disappear partially. This is not a serious problem and will not result in permanent deformities.
Some children are born with less arch in their feet and as they start walking the soft tissues I the middle of the feet tighten up thus making a clear arch. This change might take time to get developed and in some children this might take even 5 years. For children having flexible flatfoot they might experience an aching pain in the feet. Need to be consulted with doctor immediately when such conditions appear.


The doctor might examine the child to find out the type of flat foot as the rigid flat foot occurring due to tightness of Achilles tendon is more dangerous. Once that possibility is eliminated then the doctor might ask question about the previous history of such cases in your family to understand about if the condition is inherited. The doctor also might ask about the types of foot wear that the child normally wears.

Non-Surgical Treatment:

  • Exercises that stretch the heel cord are suggested if the child feels tiredness in the feet or leg as a whole.
  • Soft and hard moulded supports could be inserted in shoes that would release much pressure and result in reduced pain and discomfort.
  • Physical therapy also might be suggested for some cases.

Surgical Treatment:

If the pain and discomfort did not reduce as the child grow and enters the adolescent stage then the normally flexible flat heel might become rigid. This happens when natural correction process that happens fails and this might result in persistent pain in the feet. In such cases surgical treatment will be suggested by the doctor after undertaking a series of test and diagnosing the condition.