Prolotherapy is a treatment applied for chronic back pain and injuries in tissues during which injections mainly designed to produce inflammation are injected in the paining are or in the wounded tissue. The substance used in the Prolotherapy injection is a natural irritant agent which includes:

  • Sugar alone or in the combination with phenol and glycerin
  • Sodium morrhuate

How is the treatment carried?

When the tissues are wounded, inflammation is a natural response as it excites the substances carried in blood that create the growth factors in the wounded area to present healing process. In order to appreciate the value of such an amazing counterproductive assess, it is essential to know something related to the connected tissue and the way your body repairs it normally. The main parts which have poor blood supply are tendons, cartilage and ligaments which result in deficient healing.

Does Prolotherapy help?

Numerous studies have presented the benefits of Prolotherapy to those with chronic pain and sports injuries. As per the scientifically controlled studies, a lot of improvement is observed in the patients with a lot of pain and ability to move the pain and aching joints which resulted from hurt ligaments in sacroiliac joint in spite of biopsies performed on the tissue. Well, it is clear that Prolotherapy helps in relieving from pains in joints and repairing of tissues.

Who needs Prolotherapy?

Besides this, some of the physicians use Prolotherapy, as a first line therapy. It is essential to note that nearly 90% of individuals with severe back pain feel better with non surgical treatments in 6-8 weeks without any additional care or treatment as well. Those who require Prolotherapy are the patients who:

  • Are on medication like ibuprofen, aspirin and oral steroids to treat tendon, ligament and joint problems.
  • Have joint pain or instability since 6 weeks.
  • Those who are going through temporary relief from physical therapy and
  • Those who are suffering through joint pain caused by exercise and feel better with rest.