Knee Arthroscopy and Meniscectomy

Knee arthroscopy and meniscectomy are common type of surgical process which is done on the knee joints. Here the joint is normally viewed through a small camera. Knee arthroscopy helps the surgeon to get clear view of the patients knee from inside. View of the knees helps the surgeon to diagnose the knee problem and help to treat in a better way. High-resolution camera and high definition monitors are used to view the image of the knees from inside.

This technical advancement helps doctors to treat knee problem effectively. Knee arthroscopy is normally performed through a small incision which is done on the patients body. Meniscectomy is also a surgical treatment which is normally used to treat any damage and tear meniscus cartilage present in the knees. Sport related injury is often responsible for any tear and damage of meniscus cartilage.

During this Knee arthroscopy doctors generally insert small camera known as the arthroscope inside the knee of the patients. LCD monitors are generally used to see inside the knee during the operation. The image is send by arthroscope and surgeons generally see and analyse the detailed image of the knee. Arthroscopy is generally performed to repair and remove any torn and damaged tissue in the knees.

Preparation of Surgery

Surgeons generally perform complete health and physical check-up to decide either surgery is required or not. Preoperative test is normally performed by surgeons before any surgery. ECG or electrocardiogram test for blood count is done by surgeons.


Knee Arthroscopy takes easy and less recovery time than the normal tradition open knee surgery. You should try to keep your legs elevated for a few days to get quick relief. Proper dressing on the knees should be done while leaving the hospital and after leaving the hospital. It should be changed periodically.