Burning Thigh Pain

What we feel as pain in any part of the body are the signals transmitted by the sensory nerves located at various parts of the body. A burning Thigh Pain is also a signal or message sent by the nerves to your brain that there is something wrong in that area. Thigh is a huge and a long portion in your body that constitutes of various nerves, tissues and muscles. The nerves carrying those signals travel through lots of narrow passages surrounding the bones, their joints and also the muscles.
If these transmissions are restricted or transmitted nerves are subjected to unwanted pressure or squeeze, then there is a possibility of burning thigh pain. Such pain normally happens in only one thigh leaving the other intact. The first thing you should do when you get such a pain is see a doctor. The pain would have its root in any of the following:

  • Excessive activity imparted to the thighs in recent days
  • Surgical treatment either in the thigh region or in the upper and lower portions
  • Injurious hip
  • Tight clothing habits
  • Abnormal gain in weight in recent days.

Physical Examination and other tests:

Your doctor might touch and apply pressure with fingers or some instrument in the painful thigh and also in the other thigh and enquire about the difference you feel between the two. Abdomen and pelvic regions also will be examined physically to ascertain from where the pain originates. X-Ray and CT scans also might be suggested to detect if there is any growth of tumors in the region.

Treatment for thigh Pain:

Once the compression point or the restriction to conveyance of signals is detected, treatment is given according to the findings. Most of the treatment would comprise of simple change in lifestyle like reducing the strain to the thighs, wearing lose clothes, losing weight and in some cases where the detection suggest serious problems corticosteroid injection for reducing inflammation is given.