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Arthritis & Osteoarthritis

The most common form of Arthritis is Osteoarthritis. Cartilage breakdown is one of the major reasons of Arthritis & Osteoarthritis. Cartilage mainly covers the joint. Cartilage is commonly known as joint cushions. It can get damaged due to chronic conditions. Sudden breakdown of cartilage causes the bone to rub with each other which cause huge pain, lower down of joint movement and stiffness.
But the actual cause of Arthritis & Osteoarthritis is yet not clear to doctors. This disease is very common to aged people. If you have any previous joint injury and weak thigh muscle you can get affected by Arthritis. Near about 28 million people in United States are affected to this.



Some symptoms are:

  • The hips, lower back and the knees can have stiff and sore joints.
  • You can feel stiffness when you are at rest and after little movement the stiffness disappears.
  • You can experience huge pain during your activity and the pain gradually increases.

Any type of joint like finger joints, neck joints, and ankle joints, thumb joints can get affected by Arthritis & Osteoarthritis. The pain can be little at an initial stage and it can come and can disappear at any moment. At an initial stage, it will not create any trouble to perform your daily task.


Medical history and several medical tests can help doctors to identify the potential cause of Arthritis & Osteoarthritis. Image testing like X-rays is commonly use by doctors to confirm the actual cause.


The key to keep you free from Arthritis & Osteoarthritis is to maintain a proper body weight. Daily exercise is recommended by doctors to get free from Arthritis & Osteoarthritis. Patients are always recommended to take healthy foods, minimize depressions and stress. Some medications are also available to minimize Arthritis pain.